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Joogalla on ihmeellisiä vaikutuksia ihmiskehoon: Se auttaa paranemaan niin henkisesti kuin fyysisesti.

Joogaohjaaja Heidi Williams parani raiskauksen aiheuttamasta syvästä masennuksesta joogan avulla. Hän perusti Facebookiin tukiryhmän masennuksesta kärsiville, ja nyt hän haluaa jakaa joogan parantavaa voimaa inspiraationa myös Instagramissa, missä Williamsilla onkin jo yli 30 000 seuraajaa – eikä ihme.

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”Perfectionism is a serial killer of happiness” -Brene Brown Sometimes we talk about being a ”perfectionist” as being a great thing. We talk about it in job interviews like our biggest problem is that we are really just ”too good” at things. But by definition a perfectionist is someone who is only satisfied with perfection. It doesn’t mean you’re perfect… It means you’ll never be willing to take risks, or even try, for fear that you wont be good enough. It means that you’ll never be able to fully enjoy the people around you, because they wont be good enough. When you are only satisfied once perfection is achieved, you forfeit enjoying the beauty of growth, the beauty of nature, the beauty of the human condition in general. And to me there is nothing more beautiful in life than that. Photo magic: @kariannphoto Flower crown: @thefauxbouquets Hair: @styled_by_carolynn

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Calling all my Utah Goddesses… On august 26th at 6:00 I am co-hosting an ”I AM ENOUGH” Girls Night Out with my love @foreverhhy To remind each and every one of us just how incredible we are! This night is totally FREE and consists of: Cleansing Facials Luscious Hand Treatments Therapeutic Reflexology Rejuvenating Yoga Delicious Refreshments and some Nourishing Girl Time Come play and bring all your loves…Because you damn well deserve a night off! If you are a girl and you are in Northern Utah, direct message me and I will send you the address! Tag all your girlfriends below and I cant wait to hug and kiss each and every one of you!!! Photographer:@kariannphoto Flowers: @thefauxbouquets Hair: @lacedhairextensions @styled_by_carolynn

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THOUGH BROKEN IS WHAT WE FEEL, IT IS NOT WHO WE ARE. We are inherently loving and lovable. It’s not something we have to learn, it’s actually something we have to UNLEARN. We’ve been taught how to fight and shame and degrade ourselves. But we’ve never been taught how do the one thing that comes most natural to us… To love ourselves. To honor ourselves. To heal our ourselves of the broken ideas we think define us. Take a look at yourself. You’re the most complex creation of the universe. And so am i. You have unlimited potential. And so do I. You have magic in your DNA that comes from your divine ancestry. And so do I. You can believe in yourself and so can I. Photo magic by: @kariannphoto Outfit by: @aloyoga

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I feel inadequate. So I haven’t posted much at all. I scroll through my feed and see so many inspirational thoughts and poses and pictures of people living fabulous lives.  And I feel guilty. And I start feeling like I need to be more positive.  I need to write about happier things.  I guess that’s what happens when you have so many eyes on you.  You start feeling pressure to be better than you are.   To be prettier.   To be positive.  To be perfect. But I’m not.  I don’t have inspirational words for you.  I don’t have pretty pictures for you.  This one was taken quite a while ago. One that I thought was awkward and I wasn’t going to post. But today I felt it was fitting. It’s not pretty.  It’s not moving. It’s just kind of weird. Like me right now. I’m a week overdue with a baby I’m semi terrified to meet.  I waddle like a walrus.   I haven’t felt pretty in months now.   I’m not going to talk about how awesome my life is.  Because I’m dealing with a lot of insecurities.  I don’t feel strong enough for so much of what I’m being asked to do right now.  And I feel like the odd man out almost all the time when I post stuff like this. But I’ve missed posting.  So here you go.   This is me.  This is real life.   You’re welcome. 

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Dear baby: I’ll be meeting you in less than a month now. I haven’t really been present this entire time. I think you know that already. I am mostly numb about becoming a mother to a newborn again. But I don’t want to be numb. So today i decided to try to feel. The only tangible memories i have of the last time i had a baby are all flashes of sleep deprivation to the point of insanity and PTSD episodes. Crying. Screaming. Shaking. And attempting to end my life in some of them. They are all bits and pieces of a horror story i never want to live again. I have to keep reminding myself that I am different now. That i have options. That i can do things the way i need to. My heart is still racing as i’m writing about this. I know you can feel it. I keep wanting to apologize. To warn you about who i am. To explain why I can’t smile when i think about babies. To tell you i wish i could gush over the thought of snuggling a baby. but right now, all i can think about is how i will survive the screams that became the trigger to my life falling apart. But for some reason, I feel like you already know. And that somehow you were meant to come and heal some of that. I don’t really know what is in store for us. I don’t know if i will feel hairs raise the second you start crying. I dont know if Dev will end up having to hold you most of the time because i get anxiety around babies right now. i dont know. all i know is that i am willing. I am willing to heal. I am willing to try. I am willing to feel something beyond doubt and terror. I am willing to love. Your new mama, Heidi

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I’ve had this itch lately. I’ve gotten that feeling. You know, the one that’s gently screaming ”PULL YOUR SHIT TOGETHER GIRL! WE’VE GOT BIGGER PLANS FOR YOU!” I’ve been so hesitant to answer this call. Mostly due to my own self doubt. So God has been sending these really loud messages. And I just got another one today. It came in the form of a lover of mine who I actually do not even know, who had the courage to share her heart with me. This was not my mom, it wasn’t a sister, it wasn’t my husband or my best friend. This was one of YOU GUYS! You don’t know the kind of power your words have. Your comments of love and kindness are answering prayers. They are sending much needed messages. They are powerful beyond your comprehension!! THEY ARE MOVING PEOPLE! Please remember that! Don’t hold your love in! Don’t keep that amazing energy to yourself! Spread your love! Because it’s working! It’s healing. It’s empowering! these heart felt comments and loving words are changing the world! YOU ARE CHANGING THE WORLD! 🌎🌏🌍🌎🌏🌍🌎🌏🌍🌎🌏🌍🌎🌏🌍🌎🌏🌎 I LOVE YOU!

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Pain is vast. It’s powerful and it’s demanding. Its sources are endless. And every one unique. Each stab has its own particular way of cutting. New tears are produced for every single nerve that is set on fire. Until it is too much. And there is nothing you can do but lay down and feel it. Letting it wash over you in waves. Until you are drowning… Please remember that there are beautiful souls out there that are currently under water. That there is pain you’ve never felt in the eyes of the people you pass every day. Especially the ones who are misbehaving. Please be kind. Please be compassionate. Please understand that you won’t understand. And it’s ok. That you don’t need to be able to relate to someone to be able to share your love. That just being human in this world full of shit is enough to say ”I see you. I see your pain. I’m so sorry. And I love you.” that’s all.

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A LETTER TO MY LOVERS WHO ARE DEPRESSED: We live in a world where being happy is not only sought after, but also respected, honored, admired and valued. Much like being thin. It can be isolating to not fit into that category. Often times, it is felt that the depression is your fault. Or your punishment for not doing life right. And it feels as though you are somehow ”less” than others. Because in revering happiness so much as we do, we tend to look down on sadness. As though it isn’t valuable enough to be heard or appreciated. Listen to me. Your worth does not depend on your feelings. Just because you can’t offer sunshine doesn’t mean that your rain isn’t needed. Often people talk about learning to ”dance in the rain.” But they have no advice on learning how to live in the rain. It is a dance. But it’s one of survival. Not celebration. Know that your experience is valuable. Not just to you, but to society. Know that your feelings matter. Your thoughts matter. Know that even in a life void of happiness, you can still find love. And in that love is where you will find yourself. Know that the divine light inside of you never goes out. Because it is not a light of happiness. It is a light of love. And that light will carry you. It will reach into the darkest places where you are right now and it will hold you. It will comfort you. It will heal your broken heart. Because hearts don’t need happiness to thrive. They need love. Not from other people. But from you. Your heart, your mind, your body needs your love. So be gentle with yourself. Honor your journey. Respect your feelings. Because you are worth it. ……………………………………………………. This is today’s pose for #admireandaspire I’ve been wanting to play along with this challenge,  but have been unable to do any of the poses.  Lol so I was thrilled to see one I can do! @yogi_eric is the creator of this beauty.  Check out his fantastic feed of inspiration. 😙😙😙

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